Meet Joe

*With 32 years experience of the link between property and finance. is key to helping you, the buyer, decide what house to buy and for the lowest possible price.

*Completed SCSI (Hons) property degree. (2016)

*Degree in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland. (MII)

*Qualified Finacial Advisor (QFA) in Several Financial services exams.

The Process


We Look at your finances


We advise and help you apply for the best mortgage for you


Your Ideal house in your price range


We Negotiate for you to get the best possible price


We help you, so this is not a stressful experience


Move into your new home, knowing you got the best value.

Buying a property to live in is usually the biggest investment that people make. We will be with you every step of the process, Making it less stressful, with the best outcome for you financially.

  1. Step one, In my opinion, should always be analysing your finance and decide how much you should borrow. Be conservative. Only then apply for a mortgage. Avoid the dreadful stress so many are living through at present resulting from over-borrowing in their past. You will ensure that your head rules your heart by doing the finance first - and only view properties within your financial affordability and approved mortgage amount.
  2. For clarity, it is not a condition of my property purchaser's service that you get financial advice and/or a mortgage via my company.
    That is available from me if you so decide. However, you may still engage my property purchaser's service if you have got financial advice or, and a mortgage elsewhere.
  3. My focus is on you, the buyer.
  4. All advice, negotIatIon, etc., that I do for you will be my opinion of what Is In your best interest. I respect that I recommend but you, the customer, decides.
  5. This service Is not Just about hoping that I can negotiate the purchase of a property for buyers for an amount less than my 1% fee+ Vat via my experienced negotiating
  6. Every buyer has different circumstances. That, in my opinion, Is paramount before a potential buyer decides what to do. Amongst the conclusions could be
    • Usually, my opinion Is that It makes sense to buy a property to live In rather than rent. However, being really careful not to borrow too much is vital.
    • In urban locations, the site (land that house sits on) almost always costs more than the cost of building the house which is on that site.
      Buying a house, therefore, that could be extended in time, (e.g. when you have children), often makes sense.

“We decided to engage Joe to be our property buyer.  We gave him the general location and price range.

Joe came up with an ideal house and location.  We have exactly what we wanted and where we wanted it.  We would recommend this service to anyone buying.”

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