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The fact that Joe does both property purchaser’s and sales services means he remains right up to date with the property market from both buyers and sellers perspectives.  This is very relevant to people considering buying and/or selling.

Property buyer’s service.

Our obligation is to the buyer. We try to buy property for the lowest price possible. Usually, buyers identify the property they want. We then do the negotiations for them.  Sometimes, buyers also ask us to search for property. The can ask our opinion too.

If you engage us to buy a property on your behalf, the obligation is to try to secure it for you at the lowest price possible.  Sometimes, buyers will identify a particular property and use our buyer’s service for Joe to try to minimise the price.  Other times, buyers will ask us to help them find a property, usually after the buyer has specified the price range and location.

Please see below some customer testimonials.  Customers have kindly left their names and phone numbers for potential buyers to contact them.  Those details are available via phoning us.


Property buyer’s service testimonials.

“We decided to engage Joe to be our property buyer.  We gave him the general location and price range.

Joe came up with an ideal house and location.  We have exactly what we wanted and where we wanted it.  We would recommend this service to anyone buying.”

                                                        *                                         *                                           *

Testimonials on property found by clients.

“I gave Joe the job of buying a specific property that I had already identified. I gave him the price that I would have liked to buy it for.

He achieved what I asked him to. Initially, he agreed the purchase with the selling auctioneer. Also, he followed through right up until the sale closed with us and our solicitor. It saved me a lot of time. Also, it took the emotion out of the purchase. I absolutely wanted the property so it would have been difficult for me not to show that to the selling auctioneer and perhaps therefore, I would have ended up paying more. 

He never did anything without first checking it with me. He explained why he thought certain offers should be made but emphasised that he would carry out what we decided.

I would have absolutely no problem recommending to anyone buying a property that they should meet with Joe.”

                                                        *                                         *                                           *

Other points about the service.

Joe Harte Property and Finance Limited is regulated by the Property Regulator.

The specific nature of both our property service offerings means that where we are located does not affect us to where property is bought or sold on behalf of clients.

See the Overview/Introduction – Property section on this website for Joe’s property experience and qualifications.

The charge for our property buyer’s service is 1% + VAT with no additional costs or outlays.  There is no obligation or charge to meet with Joe as part of your process of deciding whether or not you wish to use this property buyer’s service.  We will do the best we can to minimise what you pay for the other 99%.

Those who gave us testimonials are willing to discuss those in more detail.

Unique Property sales service.

We offer a unique property sales service.  Joe arranges for three auctioneers to value your property.  They will meet you at your property. They subsequently write to us detailing their value of your property. They outline why they believe that they are most suited to sell your particular property.

Joe will recommend one of the three. He respects always that yours is the final decision.  Joe takes all offers. He recommends to you whether or not to sell based on an offer.  He always respects that yours is the final decision.  After your property goes sale agreed, we offer to assist in following the sale through to completion via your solicitor.


Property sales customer testimonials.

These customers have kindly agreed to be contacted if potential sellers want more detail.  Their names and numbers can be got by calling 021 437 6732.


“I recently used Joe’s property sales service and found it to be a very positive experience.  Joe helped me choose the right auctioneer to sell my property. He then proceeded to liaise with them on my behalf.  When the offer stage came, Joe advised me. I ended up getting a much better offer for my property than I might have done without his help.  I would have no hesitation recommending this service”.

                                                         *                                         *                                           * 

“I know Joe with many years and asked of him to come on board and assist me with the sale of my home recently.  The first advantage of using Joe in a scenario such as this is he engages different auctioneers to come and evaluate the property.  Then, he assists you in selecting the auctioneer who he feels will get the best possible price for your home.  Once the auctioneer is appointed, Joe then acts as your agent in the sale and essentially advises you and acts on your behalf every step of the way up to sale agreed and contracts signed.  Having Joe on board took all of the stress out of the experience.  I would undoubtedly recommend Joe to anybody selling a property based on my own experience.”


We  charge .5% (half %) + VAT for this sales service, inclusive of outlay and costs.  We hope to positively influence your sale by maximising what you sell the other 99.5% for.  There is no charge or obligation to meet with Joe to allow you decide whether or not you wish to use this property sales service.

Please see our Overview/Introduction – Property section for Joe’s property experience and qualifications.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you out our Property Sales brochure.

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