Property Services Customer Testimonials

Property Services Customer testimonials

Please see below customer testimonials for both our property buyers and property sales services.  Furthermore, these customers are willing to be contacted by potential new customers.  Therefore, should you wish to talk with the customers whose testimonials are below, please contact the office and you will be provided with names and contact numbers.


Property sales service, testimonial example one.

“I recently used Joe’s property sales service and found it to be a very positive experience.  Joe helped me choose the right auctioneer to sell my property and then proceeded to liaise with them on my behalf.  This allowed me to continue working in my business and not have to deal with the sale process directly.  When the offer stage came, Joe advised me and I ended up getting a much better offer for my property than I might have done without his help.  I would have no hesitation recommending this service”.


Property sales service, testimonial example two.

“I know Joe with many years and asked of him to come on board and assist me the sale of my home recently.  The first advantage of using Joe in a scenario such as this is he engages different auctioneers to come and evaluate the property.  Then, he evaluates the property himself and assists you in selecting the auctioneer who he feels will get the best possible price for your home.  Once the auctioneer is appointed, Joe then acts as your agent in the sale and essentially advises you and acts on your behalf every step of the way up to sale agreed and contracts signed.  Having Joe on board took all of the stress out of the experience.  All in all, I would undoubtedly recommend Joe to anybody selling a property based on my own experience.”


Property buyers service, testimonial example one.

“We decided to engage Joe to be our property buyer.  We gave him the general location and price range.

Firstly, he reverted with four properties.  We agreed that he should set up viewings with the selling auctioneers on them all as they were all within our location and price range that we had specified to Joe.  We were satisfied with one of the four properties after viewing them all.  However, Joe sensed that, although we were ‘satisfied’ that we were not, as it were, wildly enthusiastic about it!  He therefore recommended that he would search further for other options.  It really struck us that he was genuine about getting us the right property and not thinking only about his fee.

Joe came up with an ideal house and location.  His negotiation on it yielded a purchase at €475k.  The exact same house next door sold a short time afterwards for €585k.  Still now, when we look at the property price register, we wonder how this was achieved!  The house is in Terenure in Dublin 6.  Taking into account the fee of 1% + VAT, we are €100k (net!) better off than the same house next door.  We have exactly what we wanted and where we wanted it.  We would recommend this service to anyone buying.”


Property buyers service, testimonial example two.

“I gave Joe the job of buying a specific property that I had already identified. I gave him the price that I would have liked to buy it for.

He achieved what I asked him to. Initially, he agreed the purchase with the selling auctioneer. Also, he followed through right up until the sale closed with us and our solicitor. It saved me a lot of time. Also, it took the emotion out of the purchase. I absolutely wanted the property so it would have been difficult for me not to show that to the selling auctioneer and perhaps therefore, I would have ended up paying more. 

Joe never did anything without first checking it with me. He explained why he thought certain offers should be made but emphasised that he would carry out what we decided.

I would have absolutely no problem recommending to anyone buying a property that they should meet with Joe.”


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