Overview/Introduction – Property

Joe Harte Property & Finance Ltd is focused on assisting customer needs.

Customer focus.

Joe Harte’s practical work experience, combined with his academic qualifications, leaves him in a strong position to advise people on property and/or finance.

The link of property to finance is virtually always there when a person is selling or buying a property.  Most people, for example, need a mortgage when buying property.  Understanding how much monthly mortgage repayments would increase to when interest rates increase is a key consideration for people deciding how much to pay for a property.  An example, when selling property, of the link with finance, is understanding how we think that you can maximise what you sell for.


Our policy is one of best advice for every customerIntegrity is number one.

Details of all services which we offer, on property and on finance, are explained at our office entrance, on our brochures, by calling to our office, phoning us on 021/4376732, emailing us on joecharte@gmail.com or via arranging a meeting with us.

Everybody’s property situation is different.  Please contact us an we will be delighted to analyse your particular situation.

Property and finance are nearly always linked, hence the company name Joe Harte Property & Finance Ltd.  Joe Harte is experienced and qualified in both property and finance.  He considers it important to have a comprehensive knowledge of all property and finance services he offers.  Details of his experience and qualifications in all property and finance services which he offers are contained on this website.

Finance services.

  • Mortgages.
  • Debt management.
  • Life assurance.
  • Serious illness cover.
  • Investments.
  • Pensions.
 FullSizeRender JH Property services.

  • Property buyer’s service.
  • Unique property sales service.

Further details on all services are on this website.

Work experience.

Joe Harte has 29 years’ experience of working with financial services.  He has personal experience of property for a similar time.


Joe has completed a property diploma and property degree with SCSI.  Subjects included Valuations, Financial Management and Planning.  Joe chose subject of Ethics as part of his 4th year, SCSI property degree course.  He also has a degree in marketing.  Joe has completed financial services exams – in Regulation, Mortgages, Debt Management, Pensions, Investments, Life Assurance and Serious Illness.


PSRA Licence No: 003515